Wireless Payment

Still considered an emerging market, wireless payment is the fastest growing segment in the POS industry, offering entry to new vertical markets, new merchants and new ways to increase revenue. Wireless communications not only provides the convenience to accept payment directly at the point of purchase, it also provides the means to accept card transactions in areas that lack the infrastructure required for wired transactions. Global technological advancements have driven down costs associated with transferring data wirelessly, making it an ideal means for merchants to accept card transactions.
Generally broken down into two categories, wireless terminals operate over short-range, while local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) provide data connectivity over a longer distance. 

Wireless LAN Terminals

Wireless LAN terminals are used to transmit data over a distance less than 300 feet (100 meters) and require a docking station or router to transmit data from the terminal to a central host or gateway. Examples of wLAN are.



BlutoothWireless WAN terminals are used for the true mobile merchants, who are looking to transmit data from

Anywhere globally without the distance restrictions set by a central base station. Wireless WAN terminals require data service from a wireless network provider.

Wireless GPRS terminals

Take your point of sale to your customers? No problem! Wireless terminals look just like desk-bound counter top models, but their use of cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to take the terminal with you to process the sale. Whether you operate a restaurant or a delivery service, our wireless solutions are ideal for businesses on the go. 

Put Our Intelligence To Work For You

Utilizing specialized tools for analyzing profit potential we have experience in providing multiple electronic payment options to help merchants increase their customer base and maximize their profit potential.