Mobile Commerce

The growth of mobile credit card processing means you can accept payments on the go and in real time. Reduce checkout lines, take your processing with you, or keep tabs on your payment processing account, wherever you are. When it comes to differentiating your business, mobile technology can give you the edge over your competitors. GBS’s Mobile Commerce solutions help your business meet consumer demand for choice, convenience, security and rewards. Offering mobile commerce options can help you attract new customers, strengthen existing relationships, build sales and revenue, and reduce customer service costs.

For merchants who service their customers remotely, mobile credit card processing can be a terrific advantage. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. With our mobile solutions, you’ll be able to accept credit cards pretty much anywhere you have phone service.

This is ideal for Arts & Craft shows, Trade shows, Locksmiths, Caterers, Landscapers, Pizza delivery, Towing company or any trades profession where remote card acceptance would be of benefit.

Merchant Benefits

Fraud Prevention: Real time credit card and check processing, get an approval or decline response at time of sale.

Lower Cost: Lower investment than dedicated wireless transaction processing units.

Swiped Rates reduce costs with Card swipe rate transactions from credit card processors.

Real-Time Processing: No chasing after customers for declined transactions.

Ease Of Use: Less time consumption than voice authorization processing.

Reporting: Online tracking and transaction reports available real time.

Lower Overhead: No personnel needed in the back room to do manual entry authorizations.

Multi-Function Device: Phone, email, 2-way radio (walkie-talkie) and credit card/check terminal. The entire process is simple and convenient to use.

We have solutions for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows based phones

A data plan is required for mobile-based merchant processing transactions.


GBS Mobile options allow you to accept credit and signature debit cards wherever your business takes you. All you need is an Internet connection, a compatible smartphone with the our Mobile Checkout app,  our card reader and a merchant account to start accepting payments with your Apple or Android smartphone.


Take advantage of the larger screen size and increased resolution – Mobile Checkout not only works on supported iPad and Android tablets, but it also includes an inventory manager to streamline transaction flows, and help you accept payments quickly. The online dashboard allows you to view your sales and settlement figures wherever you are whether to keep track of your sales force outside the office or from wherever you are.

Laptops and Notebooks

Transform your laptop computer or notebook into a card-present payment terminal with our Virtual Terminal solutions. All you need is an Internet connection and a card reader – the software does the rest. And, you can save on start-up costs with no terminal purchase and no need for additional phone lines. Easy, right?

Put Our Intelligence To Work For You

Utilizing specialized tools for analyzing profit potential we have experience in providing multiple electronic payment options to help merchants increase their customer base and maximize their profit potential.