GBS is a leading expert in providing Ecommerce and MO/TO merchants with Internet merchant account solutions. Our experience includes having enabled thousands of merchants to process millions of transactions. We understand the unique needs of online merchants processing transactions in a card-not-present environment and can advise you on all the aspects required for you to run a successful online business including: credit card acceptance to gateway and shopping cart integration, implementing payer authentication, to PCI compliance, chargeback management and reduction. Our expert support team makes the integration of your merchant account seamless.

Chargeback Management And Prevention

We work with our partner vendor that is a leading provider of  Chargeback prevention and management in global electronic payment and risk management solutions for card-not-present merchants. The highly customizable payment and real-time reporting platform serves as a foundation for their suite of fraud solutions and risk management strategies. With a commitment of reducing risk while increasing profitability for clients, the multi-layered approach enables transaction risk management and mitigation, business optimization strategies, cardholder authentication and chargeback representment for all major credit card brands. Our vendor is PCI Level 1 certified..

PCI Compliance

Both Visa and MasterCard run security programs for all ecommerce, MO/TO and POS merchants that store cardholder data. Visa’s program is known as the ‘Verified by VISA’ and MasterCard’s is known as ‘MasterCard SecureCode’. Depending on the merchant level that your business falls into, the requirements are different for compliance. Our expert staff will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure your e commerce business is in compliance. 

Payment Solutions

GBS Online merchant accounts are integrated to the major processing platforms, delivering fast, secure and reliable credit card processing. With one phone call and one application, we can set up your Visa/MasterCard, American Express and Discover merchant accounts. Our application process is fast and easy and you can start accepting cards almost immediately.

Gateway Solutions

Today, E-Commerce and MO/TO merchants have many options when it comes to integrating a payment gateway to their merchant account. At GlobalUBS, we offer ease-of-setup and flexibility, so whether you’re just setting up shop online, or switching payment processing providers, you don’t miss a beat.
We help realize unlimited business opportunities and profits with the continued expansion of the Internet marketplace. GBS enables merchants with an Internet presence to process online credit card transactions automatically and in real-time, using a secure Web page accessed directly from the merchant’s existing Website.

Put Our Intelligence To Work For You

Utilizing specialized tools for analyzing profit potential we have experience in providing multiple electronic payment options to help merchants increase their customer base and maximize their profit potential.